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Terrorism Solicitors in Manchester

Terrorism and Travelling Abroad – Advice to holiday makers, humanitarian aid workers and activists.

Being accused of involvement in terrorist activity is taken very seriously by the courts. Since 2000 there have been several legislations passed in order to broaden the definition of terrorism as well as introducing more severe measures to undermine and prevent further terrorist activity in the UK and abroad.

If you are suspected of terrorism and leave the country, you may find yourself being detained upon your return. The law, which Stephen Lickrish & Associates have been advocating to change, currently allows passengers to be stopped and searched at airports.

The recent passing of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 in parliament means that counter-terrorist efforts by the government will be increasing.  If you are suspected of involvement of terrorist activity outside of the UK, police will be able to seize your passport at the border, any electrical equipment such as laptops and phones, and money.  Your trip abroad may also be disrupted whilst foreign and UK security services carry out their investigations.  You may be questioned on Foreign land by foreign police or held for questioning at a UK port under Schedule 7 on your return.

If you are suspected of involvement in terrorist activity in any way then it’s crucial that you enlist the services of an experienced lawyer/solicitor, especially if you have plans to leave the country. Unfortunately you may face various scenarios on your return. Please see below, although this is not an exhaustive list it provides some guidance on what you may face on your return:

  • You may be questioned up to 6 hours at the airport under Schedule 7.  You have the opportunity to instruct a solicitor and you would be strongly advised to instruct an experienced Terrorism Law solicitor. At which point you may be arrested under Terrorism Legislation or released.
  • If arrested you will be taken to a police station to be interviewed under caution. Again, if you have not already instructed a solicitor you would be advised to instruct an experienced Terrorism Law solicitor.
  • If released, the security services may contact you, and may invite you to take part in a voluntary interview, which would often take place in an informal setting. We would recommend that you take advice from experienced Terrorism Law solicitor before attending such an interview.

Stephen Lickrish & Associates are a group of experienced terrorism solicitors in Manchester that have successfully defended a number of high profile cases, which you can read about here:

As a group of dedicated and experienced solicitors, they can help you through the complex process and provide you with the best representation. Communication is invaluable in terrorism cases, and if you are detained when abroad then your family becomes the primary point of contact and a suitable defence must be built based on the information that they can provide in time for your return to the UK.

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Terrorism Solicitors in Manchester

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