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Kidnapping and False Imprisonment

If you have been accused of kidnapping/false imprisonment, Stephen Lickrish & Associates can help fight your corner against these charges. Such a serious charge can be a daunting thing to face, but you do not have to handle it alone. Contact us for expert advice and representation today.

Kidnapping Law in England and Wales

Kidnapping and false imprisonment involves the unlawful and intentional or reckless detention of a victim against his or her will. Often the crime takes place with the purpose of committing another offence, such as assault. The offence of kidnapping involves four elements:

  1. A person is taken away by another person.
  2. The person being taken is taken away by force or fraud (an example of fraud might be lying about who you are or where you are taking the person).
  3. The person being taken does not consent to being taken.
  4. You have no lawful excuse to take that person. This means that for example a police officer arresting someone who did not want to be arrested would not be guilty of kidnapping if the arrest was legal.

The law in England and Wales treats kidnapping seriously, and defendants will normally be charged with kidnapping in addition to any other offences involved. Those found guilty of kidnapping/false imprisonment can face anywhere from 12 months to 12 years imprisonment.

There is also a separate offence of child abduction, which may be relevant if the victim or alleged victim is under 16. This offence is contained in the Child Abduction Act 1984.

Contact Stephen Lickrish – Specialist Kidnapping and False Imprisonment Solicitors in Manchester, England

If you have been charged with kidnapping/false imprisonment, you should seek appropriate legal support without delay. Our highly experienced and respected criminal defence lawyers will ensure your rights and interests are protected. We take a thorough and proactive approach to provide our clients with the best possible defence strategy.

Accusations like this can have a serious impact on you and your loved ones. At Stephen Lickrish, we understand this, which is why we are committed to providing professional and compassionate legal support. We will answer any questions you have, and can guide you through the process of applying for Legal Aid if cost is a concern.

If you have been charged or think you may be charged with kidnapping/false imprisonment, please get in touch. You can do this via the enquiry form on our website or by phoning us during office hours at 0161 237 1913. You can also email us at info@stephenlickrish.com.

We understand that sometimes things can be too urgent to wait, so please also feel free to contact our 24 hour freephone helpline at 0800 988 64 22 for legal advice and assistance.

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