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Possession with Intent

Possession with Intent to Supply Drugs- Drug dealing, being concerned with the supply of drugs, supplying drugs.

The offence of being in possession of controlled drugs with intent to supply them to another is a serious offence, and if you are accused of this the Prosecution will need to show that:

  • You were in possession of a controlled substance
  • That that substances was a controlled drug and,
  • That you intended to supply some or all of that controlled substance to another.

The Courts take a very serious view of any allegation of supply, or intent to supply drugs to other people. The Courts will view this as being a key part of the social problems that drugs cause and if you are found guilty, or plead guilty, to an offence of supplying drugs, a prison sentence is almost inevitable.

In many cases there is no clear evidence that a suspect did have the clear intention to supply drugs to another, apart from the large quantity of drugs that are found in their possession. In some cases, this represents a serious risk of a long prison sentence which does not actually reflect the circumstances of the drug possession. Often drug users will have large quantities of drugs that they have bought ‘in bulk’ because they are slightly cheaper that way and only intend to control their own supply for their own personal use and have no intention of supplying drugs to other people.

In other circumstances, a suspect may intend to share or distribute small quantities of drugs to close friends. Sometimes again this is because, by buying bulk, cheaper prices can be agreed with drug dealers. However, even supply to close friends on ‘social’ basis is a serious offence that the Courts will impose a prison sentence for.

Sometimes it is necessary to instruct experts who have previous experience of dealing with complex drug supply arrangements to give expert evidence about a case. Alternatively it is appropriate to instruct an expert to challenge the police valuations and forensic analysis of suspected drugs, which could have a serious impact upon the level of sentence that could be imposed in the case.

In any case of being in possession of drugs with intent to supply to another, it is important that you have instructed a solicitor who will do everything they can on your behalf to ensure that you get the best quality of service and the best possible outcome for yourself.

The offence of being in possession of controlled substance with intent to supply is an either-way offence, meaning it can be heard in either the Crown Court or the Magistrates Court. The maximum sentencing power for possessing a Class A controlled drug with intent to supply is life imprisonment. The maximum sentence for possessing either a Class B or C drug with intent to supply 14 years. These cases are virtually always dealt with by the Crown Court, and therefore it is important that you have instructed a Solicitor that you are sure is doing everything they can to represent your best interests.

The Solicitors at Stephen Lickrish & Associates have dealt with a wide range of drug supply allegations, ranging from the small scale ‘social’ supply, to international importation and commercial dealing cases. We represent clients in Greater Manchester, the North West and throughout the country of drug offences. If you, or someone you know, are accused of a drug offence, contact us to see how we can help you.

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