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Insurance Fraud

With insurance fraud costing the insurance industry of almost £1 billion per year, insurers are now spot-checking claims, thoroughly investigating any slightly suspicious activity and regularly refusing to settle claims. We are seeing many people under investigation or facing allegations of insurance fraud in recent years, and in many cases, this happens to businesses or individuals who are entirely innocent or legitimate.

Insurance fraud involves any attempt to fraudulently obtain an insurance pay-out from an insurer. This can be done by either falsifying an insurance claim; by lying about an incident or exaggerating on
the facts of an incident; deliberately constructing a staged accident in order to make a claim, or causing damage to property or injury in order to make a claim. You can also be charged with insurance fraud where it is found you have provided inaccurate information to the insurers, or you have failed to inform the insurer of a material change of circumstances.

Sentencing for Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is treated as a serious crime, and is an indictable only offence (which means it will be tried in the Crown Court). Following conviction, a defendant may face a prison sentence of up to ten years and or a fine depending on the specific circumstances of the offence. Such allegations should be dealt with by specialist fraud defence solicitors so you can achieve the best outcome possible.

Because of the complex nature of insurance policy documentation, it is crucial you have an expert team of solicitors on your side, with a strong background in defending such claims. At Stephen Lickrish Associates, our high calibre team of solicitors have a great deal of experience in handling the most complex of insurance claims and have an excellent record of achieving positive results. We defend claims for all types of insurance fraud including:

• Landlord insurance
• Motor insurance
• Professional indemnity insurance
• Employer’s liability insurance
• Occupier’s liability insurance
• Household insurance
• Travel insurance
• Life insurance
• Payment protection insurance

Our commitment to our clients and our attention to detail and determination has earned us a reputation as firm you can trust to achieve the best outcome possible in every case we handle.
Our solicitors have successfully defended many individuals and businesses accused of fraudulent insurance claims as well as those accused of arranging accidents, including arson and ‘cash for crash’ cases.

Representation at an early stage by a specialist team of high calibre fraud solicitors is crucial. Your case can be expertly managed, which can significantly improve the chances of a positive outcome, including the possibility of avoiding court proceedings altogether. Not only are the investigations and prosecutions often long and complex, the consequences can also be very severe if allegations aren’t proactively and robustly defended. If you’ve been notified that you or your business have been referred for investigation or prosecution for insurance fraud, it’s important you contact us straight away to mitigate the potential consequences and avoid draconian sanctions.

Our specialist defence strategists will use all means possible to ensure a robust defence is mounted to secure the best outcome for our clients. We have connections with the highest calibre fraud defence Barristers where your case requires detailed legal argument. We also call on the expertise of specialists where necessary to build your case, such as instruct road traffic accident experts, loss adjusters, forensic scientists, surveyors and accountants.

Our solicitors at Stephen Lickrish & Associates are well versed in defending clients under investigation or prosecution of insurance fraud allegations, and we benefit from having collected experience of one of the largest teams of lawyers practising in the field of criminal defence nationally.

As a team, we regularly have successfully defended clients in a wide variety of economic crime cases, including:

Pension Fraud
Long Firm Fraud
Restraint Orders
Confiscation Proceedings
Money Laundering
MTIC/Carousel Fraud
Boiler Room Fraud
Carbon Credit Fraud
Mortgage Fraud

Insurance Fraud Defence Solicitors Manchester

When facing investigation or prosecution for fraud, it’s vital to have the support of highly skilled and specialist defence lawyers who will protect your rights and interests. Here, at Stephen Lickrish & Associates, we work discretely and proactively to provide our clients with the best possible defence and representation.

Our expert solicitors have over fifty years’ combined experience and a high success rate defending clients in a wide variety of fraud cases. We are a Manchester based law firm, and serve clients across the whole of England and Wales. Contact us today by calling us at 0161 237 1913 or on 0800 988 64 22 for 24-hour legal advice. Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form, and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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