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Carbon Credit Fraud

If you are facing carbon credit fraud allegations, get in touch with our team of fraud specialists. Carbon credit fraud is treated seriously in the UK, and penalties can be severe.

Carbon Credit Fraud in Manchester

A carbon credit is a method of pollution control in the form of a certification. The holder of a carbon credit retains the legal right to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide. These certificates are recognised by trade bodies and governments internationally, and the trading of carbon credits is largely a legitimate enterprise, with many businesses involved in the trading of carbon credits worldwide.  However, in recent years, an increasing number of firms have been found to be using boiler room  tactics to sell carbon credits to customers, and tricking them into believing their investment will produce larger returns than is actually the case.

MTIC/ Carousel Fraud

Carbon credit fraud can also involve what is known as ‘missing trader intra-community fraud’ (MTIC) or carousel fraud; the theft of VAT from a government, by exploiting trading between different member states where the movement of goods between jurisdictions is VAT-free. The fraud involves the trader exporting carbon credits free of value-added tax (VAT) from one EU member state to another and then selling the carbon credits with VAT added on, keeping the VAT for themselves.

Carbon Credit Fraud Defence

It is vital you get the best legal advice available to you if you have been accused of carbon credit fraud. Our informed and highly skilled solicitors are experts in high net worth fraud cases and have

successfully defended clients on countless high profile complex financial investigations and prosecutions.

Individuals facing carbon credit fraud charges are prosecuted under different legal provisions. Various Fraud Act and Theft Act offences are often used, and most commonly for carbon credit fraud these charges will be conspiracy by false representation and fraud by false representation. In carousel cases, the charge will most commonly be conspiracy to cheat the revenue, or conspiracy to defraud.

A defendant must have knowledge of the illegitimacy of the transaction to be found guilty of these charges. To prove dishonesty, the prosecution must satisfy the jury that the defendant knew he or she was acting dishonestly, or that an everyday person would think the behaviour as dishonest.

Contact our Carbon Credit Fraud Solicitors Manchester

Stephen Lickrish & Associates’ expert fraud solicitors provide specialist advice and representation on carbon credit fraud. We are a Manchester based law firm, serving clients across the whole of England and Wales. Contact us today by calling us at 0161 237 1913 or on 0800 988 64 22 for 24-hour legal advice. Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form, and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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