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Boiler Room Fraud

Boiler Room Fraud Solicitors in Manchester

Stephen Lickrish & Associates are experts in relation to the investigation and prosecution of Boiler Room fraud allegations. We benefit from having collected experience of one of the largest teams of lawyers practicing in the field of criminal defence in the UK, and are exceptionally are well placed to deal with boiler room fraud investigations and prosecutions. Many of our solicitors and paralegals have extensive experience of successfully defending suspects and defendants in such criminal enquiries and prosecutions, and we fully understand the intricacies involved in working on such cases. Boiler room fraud is a serious offence, and if you are facing such charges you need a legal team you can rely on at the earliest opportunity. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Boiler Room Fraud Defence Solicitors, Manchester

Boiler Room fraud routinely involves allegations that investors were cold-called and persuaded to buy worthless or non-existent shares or commodities, or shares or commodities at inflated prices, by salesmen using high-pressure sales tactics.  These cases are typically prosecuted by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) or the Fraud Prosecution Service. We have experience of defending clients of Boiler Room Prosecutions including –

  • .R v H & Others – Involving the payment of at least £10 million by investors.

The Prosecution in such cases is typically voluminous, requiring meticulous analysis by solicitors and, potentially accountants, with requisite skills and experience. Our past involvement in such cases tells us that these investigations are very complex in nature and can lead to lengthy Court proceedings.

Our experience also suggests that effective representation at an early stage can lead to a better management of the case and a relatively positive outcome for our clients. Therefore, it is vital that if you are under investigation for boiler room fraud that you receive expert legal advice from the outset.

Stephen Lickrish & Associates are well placed to assist you in dealing with such investigations and prosecutions having a number of Solicitors and paralegals with extensive experience of successfully defending suspects and defendants in such criminal enquiries and prosecutions.

What is Boiler Room Fraud?

Boiler room fraud is a particularly serious, involving unlicensed share dealing. This offence has been increasingly on the radar of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)and other agencies and has led to numerous prosecutions of stockbrokers, bankers and other professionals.

Share dealing is a regulated activity, and boiler room fraud refers to fraud where there is a busy hub of activity where fraud is being carried out. A good example of this is where a number of salesmen cold call investors to sell the worthless of non-existent stocks. This is a particularly serious offence as convincing investors or the general public to invest in this way can have serious consequences for those who are victims of the fraud. However, many of those who become involved in boiler room fraud have been recruited to take part, without full knowledge of the fraud they are becoming involved in. Those recruited by boiler room fraudsters may be encouraged to use tactics such as intimidation, and threatening legal action against victims.

If you believe you have become involved in boiler room fraud in this way, it essential that you take expert legal advice as soon as possible. We can assist you in building a case, and gathering evidence to support you. We can provide specialist advice and assistance regardless of what stage your case is at, and pride ourselves on our robust and involved approach to our client’s defence. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Stephen Lickrish & Associates Expert Boiler Room Fraud Defence

Here at Stephen Lickrish & Associates we can provide you with initial free legal advice, regardless of what stage your case is at. Our expert team will support you at each stage of your case, and provide the detailed investigation of evidence we require to build your defence. As fraud defence specialists we have great experience in defending cases like yours and as such, understand the intricacies and process other defence solicitors may miss. Contact us today to find out how we can help you today.

Boiler Room Fraud Solicitors in Manchester

Offering specialist advice and representation on cases of Boiler Room Fraud, Stephen Lickrish & Associates Solicitors in Manchester can help. Contact us today by calling us at 0161 237 1913 or on 0800 988 64 22 for 24-hour legal advice. Alternatively, contact us by filling out an enquiry form.

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