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Road Traffic Offences Fees

The Price of Legal Representation for Road Traffic Offences

Different driving offences come with different penalties and fines. Some offences are more serious than others. Many driving offences will require court appearances and, in these cases, legal representation should be viewed as a necessity.

In certain situations, it may be possible to apply for and be granted Legal aid for all or part of the legal costs. There is a greater opportunity for Legal aid to be granted on more serious cases where prison sentences could be an outcome.  Our solicitors will be able to advise you on the availability of legal Aid for Road Traffic Offences.

The majority of Road Traffic Offence matters will have to be funded privately. The cost of legal representation will be dependent on the complexity of the case. Simpler cases and guilty pleas in most instances will attract a fixed fee, in addition to any conviction fines.  However more complex cases require an assessment of the facts and either a fixed fee agreed, or an hourly rate will be charged.

Please see below for our present pricing structure on Road Traffic Offence matters:

  • Hourly rates – £200 plus VAT.
  • Fixed fees for guilty pleas where the case is settled at Court on the day – £500 plus VAT.
  • Fixed fee for an adjourned court hearing £350 plus VAT.
  • Fixed fees for cases taken to trial can be agreed but after an assessment of the case preparation and length of trial is determined.
  • Travel time costs for cases at Courts outside of Manchester can be agreed in advance. Travel Costs may include travel disbursements. For instance, 45p per mile when travelling by car and/or car parking charges and/or public transport costs if travelling by train and/or taxi)
  • In some cases, it may be in the best interests of the client to instruct a barrister for certain hearings, conferences or in complex or serious cases throughout the course of the proceedings. If a barrister is instructed their fees will be negotiated and agreed with our clients in advance.
  • Experts fees – in a small number of cases experts are sometimes needed and if so a quotation will be obtained, discussed and agreed with our clients before instruction of the expert.

If you have been accused of a road traffic offence, and would like a free initial discussion with one of our solicitors about the services we offer, contact us to see how we can help you.

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