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Ghost Brokers: The Latest Car Insurance Fraud Scheme to Hit the UK

The United Kingdom has seen a surge in ‘Ghost Brokers’ in recent months, organisations who sell what appears to be cheap motor insurance deals but in fact issue false policies to unsuspecting individuals.

Typically, there are two ways to do this:

• Policies can be bought by ‘brokers’ from legitimate insurance companies using false information and then adjusted before being sold on to customers; the information given regarding the policy holder’s address, date of birth or location is changed without the policy holder’s knowledge in such a way that has the effect of reducing the premiums.
• Forged policy documents that have been designed to mimic insurance policies issued by legitimate insurance companies are created and sold on.

The resulting consequences for the policy holder is that they have no insurance at all for their vehicle, running the risk of police sanctions, and liability if there has been an accident.

The prime target for ghost brokers is mainly young drivers, as they are generally less wealthy and more prone to accepting such a deal, as well as having higher premiums which in turn make more profit for such schemes. The insurance policies are sold from unusual sources such as social networks, online markets, newsagents, supermarket advertisement boards and bars.

The justice minister said that a ‘concerted effort’ was needed by those involved in the insurance industry to tackle the problem of fraud, which he estimated cost insurance policyholders up to £50 each per year and the country over £3 billion.

With insurance fraud costing the insurance industry almost £1 billion per year, insurers are now spot-checking claims, thoroughly investigating any slightly suspicious activity, leading to allegations and prosecution, often legitimate schemes or innocent individuals can find themselves under allegations for fraud. We are well-versed in defending clients caught up in the investigation and prosecution of insurance fraud allegations, and we benefit from having collected experience of one of the largest teams of lawyers practising in the field of criminal defence nationally. Speak to one of our team straight away if you find yourself under investigation or facing prosecution.

Because of the complex nature of insurance policy documentation, it is crucial you have an expert team of solicitors on your side, with a strong background in defending such claims. At Stephen Lickrish Associates, our high calibre team of solicitors have a great deal of experience in handling the most complex of insurance claims and have an excellent record of achieving positive results. We can mount a robust defence on your behalf, and help you in the management of the investigation and at the same time advising you clearly of your options every step of the way.

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Stephen Lickrish and Associates have significant expertise in defending individuals and businesses involved in investigations or prosecutions relating to alleged insurance fraud. Such cases can have very serious consequences for those involved and early representation is highly advisable.

Stephen Lickrish & Associates’ expert solicitors have over fifty years’ combined experience defending clients in a wide variety of fraud cases. Our team have an excellent reputation for securing positive outcomes for our clients. When facing investigation or prosecution for fraud, it’s vital to have the support of highly skilled and specialist defence lawyers who will protect your rights and interests. Here, at Stephen Lickrish & Associates, we work discretely and proactively to provide our clients with the best possible defence and representation.

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