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Serious fraud is a very grave matter. Not only are the investigations and prosecutions often long and complex, the consequences can also be very severe if allegations aren’t proactively and robustly defended. If you’ve been notified that you or your business have been referred for investigation or prosecution for economic crime, it’s important you act quickly to mitigate the potential consequences and avoid draconian sanctions.

Stephen Lickrish & Associates are experts in relation to the investigation and prosecution of all types of serious fraud allegations. Our vast knowledge and experience have allowed us to successfully defend individuals and businesses in all manner of serious fraud cases brought by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), the National Crime Agency (NCA) and its Economic Crime Command (ECC), HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), the Specialist Fraud Division (SFD) of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the City of London Police.

Consequently, we have particular expertise in dealing with cases that involve large volumes of evidence, including financial and electronic material, and have a deep understanding of the approaches and tactics used by these agencies to investigate and prosecute fraud. We take a strategic and proactive approach, from carrying out our own forensic investigations to deploying highly effective negotiation and advocacy skills. The result is a high success rate defending our clients against serious and complex fraud allegations. More information on serious fraud is available by clicking here, or please contact us to see how we can help.

A Brief Overview of Serious Fraud

In order to protect the integrity of the economy and tax system, the detection, investigation and prosecution of serious fraud is considered a priority in the UK. To that end, the relevant agencies and authorities have been granted wide-reaching powers and have vast resources at their disposal in order to target complex and sophisticated fraud. Individuals and businesses caught-up in serious fraud allegations therefore need to be proactive to ensure their rights are respected and protected.

Fraud Investigations

Serious fraud investigations tend to be complex and highly intrusive, with enforcement officers searching business premises (often without prior warning), accessing confidential information and seizing or freezing assets and other material. If sufficient evidence is discovered, lengthy court proceedings are likely to follow. Information relating to other jurisdictions may also be shared with overseas fraud agencies if there is a reason to believe that criminality has been committed abroad. Such international cooperation is increasingly frequent in an attempt to combat cross-border financial crime.

Effective representation at an early stage can lead to better management of the case and improve the chances of a positive outcome, including the possibility of avoiding court proceedings altogether. For instance, the authorities may have misinterpreted the evidence or exceeded their authority by failing to follow strict procedural rules.

It’s therefore vital that if you or your business are under investigation for fraud, you receive expert legal advice from solicitors with specialist fraud experience from the outset. Not only will they help you to deal with the authorities; they will also ensure the relevant agency complies, or has complied, with set procedures, both in regards to warrant and restraint order applications and during searches. They will also ensure your rights are respected while you’re under investigation.

Here, at Stephen Lickrish & Associates, we have extensive experience dealing with investigating agencies and can provide you with initial free legal advice, regardless of the stage your investigation is currently at. For more information about how we can help, please contact us as soon as possible.

Fraud Prosecutions

If there is sufficient evidence following an investigation to support a realistic prospect of conviction, and prosecution is in the public interest, it’s likely that charges will be brought and the case can go to trial. Exactly which offence the accused will be charged with depends on the facts of the case. However, the offence of fraud is sufficient broad to cover any circumstances where an accused sought a personal gain via false representation, abuse of position or a failure to disclose information.

Owing to their complexity, serious fraud trials often take much longer than other criminal cases, sometimes months. If the prosecution is successful, then it’s also highly likely that confiscation will also be pursued in order to recover the proceeds of criminal conduct, as well as the possibility of civil recovery being sought in the High Court.

In highly complex serious fraud prosecutions, we know that team work is essential for achieving the best possible outcome. That’s why the robust and pro-active work of our specialist defence lawyers is often complemented by that of highly professional external forensic accountants, who assist us to analyse evidence, and leading barristers, who tirelessly defend our clients in court.

As a team, we have over 50 years combined experience and a high success rate defending clients in a wide variety of economic crime cases, including:

Contact Stephen Lickrish & Associates – Specialist Fraud Defence Solicitors Manchester

When facing investigation or prosecution for serious and complex fraud, it’s vital to have the support of experienced, well-respected and specialist defence lawyers who will protect your rights and interests.

Here, at Stephen Lickrish & Associates, we work discretely and proactively to provide our clients with the best possible defence and representation when facing serious fraud investigation and prosecution. This approach, which is based on genuine understanding and experience, has resulted in notable successes, including:

  • Defending against SFO allegations of deception relating to investors involved in property investment schemes.
  • In the case of Mr. L we successfully protected client’s good name and professional credibility after he was prosecuted by the SFO in relation to allegations including conspiracy to defraud 3 major mobile networks. The client was acquitted after interviewed witnesses in St Petersburg Russia and successfully obtained documents and evidence from the SFO which were originally though not relevant to the prosecution by SFO lawyers, but were in fact helpful to our client’s case.

For expert serious fraud investigation or prosecution defence advice, please contact us using our enquiry form, or call our 24 hour free-phone number 0800 988 64 22 or our office on 0161 237 1913.

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